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Getting Started

Get started by downloading the AVIS Engine Software from AVIS Engine webiste


This is all you need to follow the rest of the tutorial.

Run AVIS Engine

To run AVIS Engine, follow these steps:

  1. Download the AVIS Engine software from the AVIS Engine website.

  2. Unzip the downloaded file.

  1. Open the executable:
  • On Windows, double-click the avisengine.exe file.
  • On macOS, double-click the file.
  • On Linux, double-click the avisengine.x86_64.
  1. Choose a Track from the menu.

  2. Press the Open Panel to open up the control panel.

  3. Navigate to the Server section and press the Start button, this will start the server on and port 25001 by default.

  • You can also enter your available server address and IP of choice in your local device and network.
  1. 🎉 Congratulations! You successfully installed AVIS Engine Simulation Server and are ready to start using it with a client, for this tutorials we're using the official AVIS Engine Python API since it is much easier to learn.

You're ready to go to the next steps.